Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)


 We Now offer PDR service.
I  have recently been certified and trained by the Dingking institue in  Costa Meaa ,Ca. PDR or paintless dent repair  is the ability to repair  door dings ,hail damage,small dents without doing body or paint work.  Most small dings start at $55.00. 


The Benefits:
There are a number of benefits to PDR (Paintless  Dent Removal) and these are just a few... For starters, it's less  expensive than body shop repairs which typically require new panels or  sanding, filling, and painting. Plus, the PDR process takes a fraction  of the time of body shop repairs so you will usually have your car back  within 1 day. Most importantly, PDR is a higher quality repair than  body shop repairs! Dents and dings are removed without harming the  factory finish, which is more durable than repainting so you won't have  to worry about color matching issues. With PDR you can restore your car  to "pre-hail condition" without any body shop effects!


  The PDR hail repair process on average only takes 1-2 days to complete vs. 15-30 days using conventional repair methods.